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Wurm Online News Update - May 2016

Invasions and cave dwellings are here! Whether you seek to defeat foes, or build your underground world, our update on the 24th of May will truely change how you play Wurm. Check out our new Invasion system, with deadly foes and unique gear to be found, and go underground and fortify your mine with the ability to build up to 8 story buildings in caves!

Jackal Rising...


Jackal, home of the damned. Tales of the twisted beasts and creatures that dwell on this moon have long been the stories to scare children, but the stories are real… This Summer, the creatures of this distant moon have set their sights on Wurm, and with the help of mysterious mages have learned ways of travelling to our lands. The beasts and demons of Jackal live off positive life energy and seek to drain our world of its essence. Team up with other players and take the fight back to these beasts. Sacrifice their hearts at the altar to open the rift, and destroy the dark forces within!

Cave Dwellings


Tired of sunlight? Yearning for your mountain home? Now’s your chance! The ability to create and build underground houses brings a whole new playstyle to the game. Create your underground cavern and live like a dwarf!

Wurm Turns Ten!


Wurm was officially released on the 6th of June, 2006, that means this June, Wurm has been around for 10 years! We have events, activities and prizes galore to give away, with a special anniversary gift box for every premium player!


The boxes will contain a random item, including possibly some of these!

  • Supreme bone
  • Transmutation rod
  • Staff of the land
  • Pale mask
  • Plumed helm of the hunt
  • Cavalier helm

Welcome Back Packs!


Looking to get back into the game, but don't know where to start? With our welcome back packs get yourself set up in the best of fashions! The welcome back pack contains:

  • An anniversary gift box.
  • An anniversary Toolbox containing a random tin tool.
  • 5 silver.
  • A special returners mask!

To receive one of these, simply buy premium via the shop after the update on the 24th of May on an account that has been premium before, with over 14 days play time but is not premium currently. On the 6th of June, simply login to receive your gift pack!

That's not all though! There's plenty of content coming each week to Wurm, so if you haven't played in a while, jump on and check it out!

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